Our History

Before the turn of the twentieth century, a small group of New Yorkers had a big dream, “to open a mission to the poor” and “preach holiness evangelism to a new and rapidly developing part of the city”. That group of 32 Brooklyn dare-saints became the initial seed plant that merged with the Church of the Nazarene in 1907. On that historic occasion, witnesses later said that “the rafters shook with the demonstration of joy”.

The road has not been easy. Our history has been filled with trials and heartache: world wars, economic depression and the loss of friends along the way. But outshining all the losses are the countless stories of joy, triumph and lives changed forever changed.

Today the Metro New York District Church of the Nazarene reaches lives from around the globe. Over 120 churches across the New York metropolitan area from a multitude of cultures live out that “holiness experience” in their homes, their jobs, and their churches.

We celebrate this grand mosaic of the Church and dream of the possibilities yet to come.