What is NMI?  
 Nazarene Missions International is the organizational representative of missions for the Church of the  Nazarene on the regional, district, and local levels.

 The Metro New York District has over 120 churches and New Start congregations that minister in ten language groups. Yet we know that there are more than 70 cultures and languages represented in the New York area. We find some of the world's neediest mission fields right at our door and we have a big opportunity to share God's love here and to ends of the world.

 The Church of the Nazarene supports missionaries in over 150 world areas! Many of our local congregations on the Metro New York District have sent teams of people and materials to these mission areas to build churches, schools, clinics, dormitories, and pastoral housing. Here in New York missions is not just something we talk about . . . it is something we DO!

The Global NMI Mission Statement:
  To mobilize the church in mission through praying, discipling, giving, and educating.

Our Purposes as Missions (NMI) in Metro NY district are :
                                  1. Mobilizing Local MNI Presidents of Metro NY District
                                  2. Connecting local NMI with District NMI
                                  3. NMI Information available
                                  4. Praying, training, going (participate) and Giving → Inviting: Calling and visiting.

The theme for this 2017: Missions New Heart!

* For more information about how you can become involved, click on the links below, or contact MNY Missions at Yelssy Manza yelssy@hotmail.com 

If you want to received an email about prayer request in our district email missions@mnynaz.com
If you want to received messages about prayer requests from Global Missions, please click HERE

More Prayer Conferences:
- Beulah Church of the Nazarene: Each Monday night 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Dial (712) 775-7300; Access Code 311270#
- Solid Rock Church of the Nazarene: Each Thursday night 9:00-10:00 PM. Dial in # 712-432-1212; Access Code: 876 -609-655.

Mission Trips 2017

1. District Leaders went to Haiti - January
2. Bay Shore + Patchogue Churches went to Haiti – January
3. Massapequa Park Church is going to Argentina - February & March
4. Churches of MNY District going to Compassion Center at MD– March
5. Jehova Shammah going to Guatemala – June
6. Ozone Park Church going to Florida- July
7. First Community Church going to St Vincent - July
8. MNY Churches going to Compassion Center at MD– July  
9. The Bidge Spanish Church going to Nicaragua-July 8-15
10. MNY Churches going to Haiti- September
11. MNY Churches going to Haiti- September
12. MEDICAL Mission Trip going to Haiti - September
13. Restauracion Church going to Honduras – October
14. MNY Churches going to Compassion Center at MD– Nov
 .. and more!

Do you want to do a Work & Witness Trip? (Trabajo y Testimonio
)  please check : workandwitness.nazarene.org

Do you want to have an Extreme Mission Trip? (Nazarenos Extremos
)  please check :  www.extremenazarene.org 

 Weekend Mission Trips: March 24-26, July 28-30, and November 3-5.    .
 * Contact MNY Missions at yelssy@hotmail.com.

Thank you so much for support NCM,
 this is the Word of God in practice, so share with all your local church.
Sister Doreen Rutty is our Compassion mobilizer, please contact her at 718-619-3480, flornic@verizon.net

Metro New York District is focus in helping: 

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) walks alongside local churches in their efforts to meet the needs of children, families, and communities. Through your partnership, local congregations are changing the world.
 Following the example of Jesus, NCM partners with local congregations around the world to clothe, shelter, feed, heal, educate, and live in solidarity with those who suffer under oppression, injustice, violence, poverty, hunger, and disease. NCM exists in and through the Church of the Nazarene to proclaim the gospel to all people in word and deed.
Or you can visit: ncm.org to get direct information.

Missionary Tour - Deputation 
Let us know if you want to hear the stories of the Holy Spirit in the lives of our missionaries. Please contact Jane Halesz (845-988-6031) or jbhalasz01@yahoo.com.

The Potters are global missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene in Vanuatu. 

They will be with us from May 27 to June 9


Bill Kwon is a global missionary for the Church of the Nazarene in Myanmar. 

He will be with us from July 30 to August 23


To received more information about our New LINKS Missionaries please contact: Mavis Wields at (718)-994-3856 maviswelds@gmail.com 

If you want to know more about LINKS: please check:  http://nmi.nazarene.org/10012/story.html

MISSIONS BOOKS and Dowloads:

* Missions Sunday advertising for your church:Download flyer

* Mission education materials flyer for adults and children: A color flyer describing the 2017–2018.

* Mission Education Materials. The NMI missions books for children and adults, as well as the curricula for both age levels, are now available.
        Living Mission—Purposeful Missions (Adult Mission Education curriculum):
       Adult Missions Books: www.nazarenemissions.org/10073/story.html
       Kidz Passport to Missions: Asia-Pacific (Children’s Mission Education curriculum):
       Children’s Missions Books: www.nazarenemissions.org/10177/story.html 

* Adult Books in French, Portuguese, and Spanish: All of the adult NMI missions books are being translated into these languages. They will be available soon.

* Electronic Materials. The 2017-2018 NMI missions books for adults/teens are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks on iTunes now. Nazarene Publishing House is making PDF versions of the books available free on www.livingmission.com. In other electronic news, MP3 versions of the books are available for free download by clicking here.

* More Free Audio books by clicking here

* Libros para niños haga click aqui.

* libros para adultos click aqui

Individual Purchase. NMI missions books, released in 2016 in English, are now available for individual purchase from Nazarene Publishing House (www.nph.com; 1-800-877-0700).
Messengers of Holiness (Amy Crofford and Brad Crofford)
A Missions Mosaic (Donna M. Wilson)
Branching into Missions (Tim Crutcher)
Amazon Adventures (Larry Garman)

Missions for children

We want to encourage our churches to teach Missions to the little children at least 1 time per month. 

Click on: NMI Missions for Children

Activities for Children: 2017-18 Children's Curriculum 

Children's NMI Mission Books: Here


June 3-8 2017   

Please pray for us........ a Big thank you to Center Pointe Church of the Nazarene - Florida
Pictures from Work and Witness Queens 2016

When we all help together, together, together 
When we all help together, how happy we'll be. 
For your work is my work and our work is God's work 
When we all help together, how happy we'll be

Thank you to these churches: Maranatha, Warwick Valley, Ozone Park, St. Paul’s, First Flushing, First Queens (formerly Richmond Hill), First South Asian, and Manantial de Vida for your help!.

¿Qué es MNI?
 Misiones Nazarenas Internacionales es el representante organizacional de las Misiones para la Iglesia del Nazareno en la parte regional, distrital y local.

El Distrito Metropolitano de Nueva York tiene más de 120 iglesias y nuevas congregaciones son aproximadamente en diez idiomas. Sin embargo, sabemos que hay más de 70 culturas en nuestra area. Aqui mismo podemos encontrar mucha necesidad y es realmente un campo misionero. Aqui tenemos una puerta abierta para tocar todo el mundo y compartir el amor de Dios.

La Iglesia del Nazareno apoya a misioneros en más de 150 áreas del mundo! Muchas de nuestras congregaciones locales en el Distrito Metropolitano de Nueva York han enviado equipos de personas y materiales a estas áreas misioneras para construir iglesias, escuelas, clínicas, residencias y viviendas pastoral. Aquí, en las misiones de Nueva York no es sólo algo que hablamos. . . es algo que hacemos: Teoria y Practica!



Declaración Misiones Nazarenas Internacionales:
Mobilizar la Iglesia en la Mision Orando, Discipulando, Dando, y Educando.


El proposito de las Misiones (MNI) en el distrito Metro New York son:
1. Mobilizar a los Presidentes y representantes de las Misiones locales.
                  2. Conectando el MNI Local con el Distrital
                  3. Informacion Disponible de Misiones
                  4. Orando, orientando, yendo y dando → Invitar: Llamadas telefonicas, textos, correos electronicos y visitandolos. 

El tema para este 2017: MISIONES con un Nuevo Corazon

* Para obtener más información acerca de cómo puede participar, póngase en contacto con Yelssy Manza, yelssy@hotmail.com

Aqui tenemos algunos documentos que le ayudaran a servir en su Iglesia

Presidentes de Misiones locales: Click Aqui

Si usted es un nuevo Presidente de Misiones: Click Aqui

Recursos: Por favor chequee su  NMI Resource CD, esta en Español, o email a missions@mnynaz.com

Baje: 15 puntos para conocer: Click Aqui

  • Trabajando junto con su pastor para la expansion de las Misiones: Click Aqui

Para el que hace Misiones

Lo que Dios quiere para Usted

Efesios 2:10   Porque somos hechura de Dios, creados en Cristo Jesús para buenas obras, las cuales Dios dispuso de antemano a fin de que las pongamos en práctica.

Hechos 22:14   Luego dijo: “El Dios de nuestros antepasados te ha escogido para que conozcas Su voluntad, y para que veas al Justo y oigas las palabras de Su boca.

Salmos 32:8   El Señor dice: «Yo te instruiré, Yo te mostraré el camino que debes seguir; Yo te daré consejos y velaré por ti.

Salmos 119:71    Me hizo bien haber sido afligido, porque así llegué a conocer tus decretos.

Salmos 37:4    Deléitate en el Señor, y El te concederá los deseos de tu corazón.